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Only services or pods with a specified annotation are scraped as prometheus.io/scrape: true. The default path for the metrics is /metrics but you can change it with the annotation prometheus.io/path. The default port for pods is 9102, but you can adjust it with prometheus.io/port. See the following Prometheus configuration from the ConfigMap prometheus.yml: rule_files: - /etc/config/rules - /etc/config/alerts scrape_configs: - job_name: prometheus static_configs: - targets: - localhost:9090 - job_name: transactions scrape_interval: 1s static_configs: - targets: - transaction-metrics-service:3001 I can see the metrics inside prometheus, but it seems to be from just one pod. For example, in Prometheus, when I query for transaction. What did you do? Deployed prometheus in kubernetes and it scraping nodes and showing status on dashboard. What did you expect to see? Scraping services and endpoints of k8s What did you see instead? Under which circumstances? kubernetes-.. The next step is configuring Prometheus. The configuration will contain a list of scrape targets and Kubernetes auto-discovery settings that will allow Prometheus to automatically detect..

# A scrape configuration for running Prometheus on a Kubernetes cluster. # This uses separate scrape configs for cluster components (i.e. API server, node) # and services to allow each to use different authentication configs. # # Kubernetes labels will be added as Prometheus labels on metrics via the # `labelmap` relabeling action. Installation and configuration. You will need to run a Kubernetes cluster first. You can use a Minikube cluster like in one of our other tutorials, or deploy a cloud-managed solution like GKE. In. Prometheus config map which details the scrape configs and alertmanager endpoint. It should be noted that we can directly use the alertmanager service name instead of the IP. If you want to scrape metrics from a specific pod or service, then it is mandatory to apply the Prometheus scrape annotations to it. For example: spec: replicas: 1 template: metadata: annotations: prometheus.io/path. Kubernetes Self Discovery configurations allow retrieving scrape targets automatically, as and when new targets come up. The scraping is based on Kubernetes service names, so even if the IP address change (and they will), Prometheus can seamlessly scrape the targets kubernetes-service-endpoints: All the Service endpoints will be scrapped if the service metadata is annotated with prometheus.io/scrape and prometheus.io/port annotations. It will be a blackbox monitoring. prometheus.rules will contain all the alert rules for sending alerts to alert manager

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We already have a Prometheus on Kubernetes working example. In addition to the use of static targets in the configuration, Prometheus implements a really interesting service discovery in Kubernetes, allowing us to add targets annotating pods or services with these metadata: annotations: prometheus.io/port: 9216 prometheus.io/scrape: true. You have to indicate Prometheus to scrape the pod or. Scaling Prometheus for Kubernetes A master server is deployed with targets that contain a list of slave Prometheus server URLs, like this: scrape_configs: - job_name: federated_prometheus honor_labels: true metrics_path: /federate params: match[]: - '{job=the-prom-job}' static_configs: - targets: - prometheus-slave1:9090 - prometheus-slave2:9090 . The match[] param in the. kubectl annotate pods [podID] prometheus.io/scrape=true kubectl annotate pods [podID] prometheus.io/port=8080 this will add temporary meta data to the pod and if the pod gets deleted the configuration is gone

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  1. This means that an ordinary Kubernetes service can be docked with a ServiceMonitor, which in turn can also read out the endpoints and configure the associated Prometheus instance accordingly. If the service or the endpoints change, for example in number or the endpoints have new IPs, the ServiceMonitor recognises this and reconfigures the Prometheus instance each time. In addition, a manual.
  2. The below scrape configuration is a subset of linkerd-prometheus scrape configuration . Before applying, it is important to replace templated values (present in { {}} ) with direct values for the below configuration to work. The running configuration of the builtin prometheus can be used as a reference
  3. will configure Prometheus Kubernetes Service Discovery to collect metrics: will take a view on the Prometheus Kubernetes Service Discovery roles; will add more exporters: node-exporter; kube-state-metrics; метрики cAdvisor; and the metrics-server; How this will work altogether? The Prometheus Federation will be used: we already have Prometheus-Grafana stack in my project which is used.
  4. A ConfigMap in Kubernetes provides configuration data to all of the pods in a deployment. In this file we can see the apiversion, which is v1 again, the kind which is now ConfigMap, and in the metadata we can see the name, prometheus-config, and the namespace monitoring, which will place this ConfigMap into the monitoring namespace
  5. Prometheus, which defines the desired Prometheus deployment. The Operator ensures at all times that a deployment matching the resource definition is running. ServiceMonitor, which declaratively specifies how groups of services should be monitored. The Operator automatically generates Prometheus scrape configuration based on the definition
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The ServiceMonitor resource selects a Kubernetes Service based on a given set of labels. With the help of this selected Service, Prometheus Operator creates scrape configs for Prometheus. Prometheus uses these configs to actually scrape the application pods For example, the Prometheus scraping job kubernetes-pod-appmesh-envoy is defined for App Mesh. The Prometheus scrape configuration will refer to this file. docker_label is an optional section that you can use to specify the configuration for docker label-based service discovery. If you omit this section, docker label-based discovery is not used. This section can contain the following. # Alertmanager configuration alerting: alertmanagers: - static_configs: - targets: # - alertmanager:9093 # Load rules once and periodically evaluate them according to the global 'evaluation_interval'. rule_files: # - first_rules.yml # - second_rules.yml # A scrape configuration containing exactly one endpoint to scrape: # Here it's Prometheus itself. scrape_configs: # The job name is added. Summary metrics about cluster health, deployments, statefulsets, nodes, pods, containers running on Kubernetes nodes scraped by prometheus.Dashboard was taken from here.This version does not reqiure you to setup the Kubernetes-app plugin Configure Prometheus in Kubernetes to scrape the metrics; Present the result in Grafana dashboard. Especially explore the dashboard for multiple replicas of the pod. 1. An App with Custom Prometheus Metrics. As a sample, I use the Prometheus Golang Client API to provide some custom metrics for a hello world web application. The HTTP service is being instrumented with three metrics, Total.

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